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Accompanying Rules

Updated: 09/10/2019


Appropriate conditions for companions to stay in our health facility (companion seat, personal hygiene areas, sitting room, etc.) are provided. There are seats with adjustable positions in patient rooms for companions to rest.

Entries and exits of companions in health facility are controlled.

It is required that companions follow the rules set by health facility. In case of violating rules, companionship of the relevant person is cancelled. If a companion damages fixtures of health facility, the damages are compensated from the companion.


For the adaptation of patient and/or companion to health facility, the necessary briefings in the following subjects are given by the relevant workers during hospitalization.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner hours,
  • The rules required to be followed by patient and companion,
  • Visit hours and rules,
  • Phone use,
  • Toilet-bathroom use,
  • Use of nurse call system,
  • Daily visits of doctor


    Companions are required to follow health facility rules as listed below;
  • Companions are allowed for patients when doctors deem necessary.
  • There can be at most 1 companion for each patient. More than one companions are not allowed.
  • Whether the companion will be female or male is decided according to conditions of patient and service.
  • There is no companionship in Intensive Care Unit.
  • It is expected that componions follow all the rules of the health facility.
  • Companions should place their belongings into wardrobes presented in service.
  • In our health facility, food meals are served in your room at hours as listed below:
    Breakfast: 06.30 
    Snacks: 09.00-15.00-22.00.
  • Companions should use the seat reserved for them. They should not sit on patient bed to prevent disease transmission to their patients.
  • Companions are expected to help their patient care to the extend that doctor and nurse allow.
  • In terms of patient safety,  it is forbidden that companions perform anything outside doctor’s and nurse’s knowledge.
  • Patient care education rules given by nurses should be followed (Hand hygiene, education of risk of fall).
  • Companions must not enter into rooms other than that of their patient.
  • Service nurses should be informed when companions leave their patients alone and in case of exchange of companions.
  • Companions should not keep high amount of money or precious belongings at their side or their patint’s side in terms of safety.
  • To provide a peaceful environment for their patients, companions should not talk loudly or make noise in patient rooms and service corridors. Furthermore, televisions in patient rooms should be used without disturbing others and should be turned off during doctor visit hours and after 22.00.
  • Companions should not take out their patients from hospital or should not switch their beds without the request of the related doctor or nurse.
  • Companions should not intervene in their patients without consulting to doctor or nurse.
  • Every patient has limitations in terms of diet and food according to his/her disease. Therefore, companions should not provide their patients with food or drink from outside.
  • Companions should not use tobacco or alcohol in health facility.
  • Companions should be careful in using patient rooms, bathrooms and toilets cleanly as far as possible.
  • Companions should not throw garbage into containers with red bag (medical waste containers).
  • Garbage, etc. should not be thrown out of the windows.
  • Laundry should not be hung inside patient room or in front of windows.
  • Companions benefit from food services of health facility without extra payment by registering him/her as companion into system. Food trays should be left on the ground or in front of doors.
  • You are required to inform nurses immediately in case that any problem occurs related to your patients.
  • You must follow warning and alarm signs and must inform service nurse in charge when technical problems occur.
  • Except for emergency, you should not leave your room without informing the person in chargeduring doctor visit hours to follow your patient’s state and to be informed.
  • In case you demand, the imam in charge can give spiritual support to your patient.
  • If your patient needs his hair or beard be shaved, you can benefit from barber service free of charge by informing the service nurse in charge.
  • If you need to use phone for emergency situations, you can inform your service nurse.
  • The internal number of your room is written on the phone.
  • Do not make any payment to a personnel or unit except for pay-office of health facility.
  • Do not accept any help from people you do not know.
  • When you see a sign written as “Caution – Slippery ground”,you should not cross that area until the floor dries. Otherwise, falling incident can happen.
  • In order to be able to provide better service to patient and patient relatives, you can drop your opinions and suggestions related to health facility into “Opinion-Suggestion” boxes found near elevators at every floor. You can apply to Patient Communication Unit in person or you can communicate with us through “Requests and Suggestions” section on our hospital’s web site.