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Visitor Hours

Updated: 09/10/2019



Being together with your loved ones and family is an important part of the recovery process. It is significant for us that you as precious visitors have a good time with your patients. For the peace and comfort of all patients hospitalized in our health facility, you need to be careful about the following issues.

Rules Required To Be Followed By Visitors

Visit Hours of our Health Facility:
DAY :  12.00  to  13.30 

NIGHT    : 18.00  to  19.30 

  • Patient visits should be done between the determined patient visit hours.
  • Any kind of belongings that visitors bring with them may be searched with the justification of patient and worker safety when deemed necessary. Inappropriate belongings may not be allowed to be taken to service.
  • Compliance to patient visit rules are controlled by service workers, security official of health facility and officer on duty.
  • Children should not be present in patient visits due to infection risk.
  • More than two visitors for a patient are not taken at the same time and patient visits should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Nothing should be eaten near patient. Also no food should be given to other patients staying in the same room. No food should be brought to service.
  • Due to risk of contracting an infection, visitors must not use belongings of patients and must not sit on patient beds.
  • Areas/belongings that belongs to patient such as toilet, shower, towel and glass must not be used.
  • When patient visitors need to use toilet or washbasin, they should use toilets and washbasins of the service that are open to general use.
  • Hands should be washed before and after the visit.
  • Visitors are expected to pay close attention to patient privacy by leaving room during treatments and examinations of our patients.
  • If visiting patients are prohibited by their doctor for medical reasons, insistence on visit should not be done.
  • To protect our patients from infection, flowers with soil are not accepted into patient rooms.
  • Smoking by visitors inside of closed area of health facility is definitely forbidden. In case of smoking, legal provisions are implemented.
  • Making noise and talking loudly should not be done during patient visits.
  • Medical devices belonging to patients should not be touched.
  • In the presence of contagious diseases like catarrh and cold, patient visits become damaging.
  • In order to be able to provide better service to patient and patient relatives, you can drop your opinions and suggestions related to health facility into “Opinion-Suggestion” boxes found near elevators at every floor. You can apply to Patient Communication Unit in person or you can communicate with us through “Requests and Suggestions” section on our hospital’s web site.
  • At the end of visit hour, visitors should leave patient rooms without expecting warning from officials. 


    As you also know, Intensive Care Units are departments where patients requiring special care stay. Restricting visitor number and visit duration is very significant for the benefit of our patients. We ask you to pay close attention to rules required to be followed by youduring visits in order to protect and maintain health of patients staying in Intensive Care Unit.
  • Food or drinks are not accepted into Intensive Care Units.
  • Patient visit, visitor number and visitor frequency are determined by doctor and at least one visit is made per day.
  • First degree relatives of patient can visit. Permission should be obtained from the doctor of patient in special circumstances.
  • Visitors must follow Intensive Care Entry-Exit Rules during visit.
  • You should apply to your doctor in order to get information about your patient staying in Intensive Care.
  • Visit of children above 11 years of age to their first degree relatives is performed according to doctor’s decision by evaluating patient’s clinical situation. Approval of doctor is sought in visits of children under 11 years of age.
  • During visiting patients taken into isolation room, as a precautionary measureit may be required that you wear some protective equipment and do not touch patient.
  • Visitors are informed about the rules that they must follow and compliance to rules is necessary.
  • Despite reaching visitor hour, your visit may be delayed or it may not be carried out. In this case, please be patient and wait for briefing.
  • Visitors are allowed to enter by performing hand hygiene. As required by rules, you may be asked to wear protective equipment such as apron, mask, etc.  
  • While entering into or leaving intensive care, visitors are required to perform hand hygiene with hand disinfectant.

  • Visitors are informed about the rules that they are required to comply to.
  • Visitors are allowed to enter by performing hand hygiene.
  • Visit frequency is planned as at least two visits per day. 

  • There is a separate area for visit.
  • Security official accompanies visits.
  • Except for first degree relatives (mother, father, spouse, child, sibling),patient visits are not performed without approval of doctors.
  • Visits are carried out at visit day within visit hour and in visit saloon. In case general health status is bad, visit may be performed in patient room in accordance with doctor’s approval.

  • Patient visit is not accepted except for visit days and hours.
  • Identities of first degree relatives of patients are checked and registered in visit notebook.
  • Visitors who do not have identity card or whose surname does not match are not accepted.
  • After performing security search and placing their identity car in custody, visitors are allowed to visit patient with accompanying security official.
  • Visitors under 16 years of age are not accepted.
  • Only food or drink with unopened and undamaged packages are accepted from outside for patients (Fruit juice, milk, water, tea bag, biscuit, etc.).

  • 1.Unless there is any sanitary or medical inconveniency, detainees and convicts hospitalized in facilities can be visited weekly for 10 minutes in accordance with prison regulation. At this visit hour, as needed a female or male official or guardian comes to facility, sees visitors, searches them and allows visit.
  • Patient’s family first obtain permit for meeting from prison Prosecution Office.
  • The permit brought from Prosecution Office is signed by health facility administration or doctor on duty.
  • Female visitor is searched by female guardian and male visitor is searched by male guardian.
  • By taking necessary security measures, non-contact visit is carried out facing one another with phone for the duration determined by Prosecution Office.
  • For each convict or detainee one meeting right is bestowed in weekdays within working hours between 08.00 and 17.00.
  • The identity information of relatives of convicts or detainees coming for visit are checked by UYAP and after determining that there is no capture or arrest warrant, their visit is allowed.
  • Visits are not carried out on weekends.
  • Health facility administration cannot be held responsible for choosing or searching detainees, convicts or coming visitors. This responsibility belongs to prison official.
  • Visits are performed on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.
  • Persons under 18 years of age are not accepted for visits.
  • Patient visitors whose surname does not match are not accepted.
  • After searching visitors and their belongings, they are approved for visit.
  • After the end of visit hour, patients are searched before taking them into service.